I've been directing a great deal of short documentary-style non-fiction work over the past few years. Check out a recent Sportsnet series I directed on Canada's Cathedrals (ie. hockey rinks)

If you like the How It's Made type stories in the reel, check them out in full:

How Ink is Made
The Bookbinder
Handmade Fashion by Hoi Bo
Eclectic Revival







Updated reel coming soon. Check the feature-length version of the sci-fi series Haphead to the right, or the Haphead trailer here. Or, Ghosts With Shit Jobs, a 2012 feature I co-directed.












SERIES--3-Day Novel Contest

An 8-part half-hour docu-reality series that follows 12 novelists as they each try to write a novel in 3 days in the middle of a giant bookstore--sleeping, eating and snoring in a public space--all on national television.

This series aired in 2007 on CTV2, BookTV and CLT. I wrote, produced, directed, and co-edited the series.

More segments from the show:

A Slice of Morning Life

Final Weekend Moments

Year Two Profiles